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Volatile organic compounds are toxic chemicals that can be dangerous even at low concentrations and have short & long-term adverse health effects. Formaldehyde has been proven as carcinogenic. They’re present in nature, produced by plants, animals, and molds. A major source of man-made VOCs are paints and coatings, glues in furnitures, sprays etc. Measured in part per billion, WHO advises a maximum VOC level of 300ppb, which is displayed in our app.

Particulate matter, aka PM, are very little particles within dust, fly ash, dust mites, aerosols, or fumes, that are not filtered by our bodies and can penetrate the alveoli, in the deepest part of the lungs. Over time it creates asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease etc. WHO recommends not to be exposed to an average concentration higher than 50 µg/m3 over 24h for PM10 and smaller. Foobot’s optical sensor detects particles in the air from 0.003 to 2.5μg.

Humidity, or the amount of water vapor in the air, is an important health variable that is easy to overlook… yet very easy to remedy. With too much humidity, black mold may emerge with a toxic mist of bacterias and fungis in its wake. On the opposite, dry air can lead to dry skin, sinuses congestion, and itchy eyes. Further, in low humidity certain viruses like flu survive longer, increasing your risk of contracting an infection. Foobot helps you find the ideal level of relative humidity depending on your individual circumstances.

You may think temperature has nothing to do with air quality, but actually it’s quite common to see a correlation between temperature and say, VOC levels, which makes sense since VOCs tend to evaporate more with a higher temperature and humidity. The temperature sensor is also useful to set up smart home automation with other devices.




See Foobot’s beautiful LED lights which give you a discrete classy indication of air quality in real time. Design by Nicolas Garrido (Kanso).



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*on average, with the Nest integration

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Quantities of particulates and harmful gases change rapidly over time. Great components and our unique data processing technology allow us to offer qualitative data you can trust.

The Foobot companion app

  • Our Indoor Air Quality Score combines all your metrics into one, comprehensive number, for simplicity
  • Compare with the outdoor pollution at your door
  • Pollution thresholds are defined by WHO and EPA
  • See real time details for each pollutant…
    … and past pollution spikes since day 1
  • Tag events to recall what creates pollution at home…
    … and get personalized tips to breathe better air
  • Create Home automation right from the app

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Play with many other smart devices

Many of our users love Home Automation. The good news is that we do too! And for those who argue that home automation is just for fun, consider this: Foobot is able to switch on a smart ventilation system or an air purifier whenever the pollution level rises too much. Isn’t that cool to have your air automagically cleaned, only when needed? Users who set it up now spend 53% less time in polluted air, and this potentially adds years to one’s life.

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