Airboxlab and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “Airboxlab” or “we”) manufacture, market, and sell the Foobot electronic indoor air quality measuring device (the “Device”) and provide additional features such as a website located at (the “Site”), a mobile application, and downloadable software (collectively, the “Services”) to enhance your use of the Device. This Privacy Policy explains what kinds of information we collect, store, and use (the “Data”) when you use the Device and the Services. This includes personally identifying information, i.e., information that can be reasonably linked to a specific individual or household (“Identifying Data”). If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at


We are always working to improve the Device and the Services to fulfill our goal of guiding you to better indoor air quality. As a result, this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. These changes will always be promptly reflected on the Site along with a “Last Updated” date, and we will do our best to notify you via email when these changes materially affect your rights under this Privacy Policy.


By using the Services, you agree to allow us collect, store, and use Data as described below.




When You Activate a Device


When you activate your Device, you may be asked to download the Foobot mobile application, update or install the latest Device software, and/or create a user account.


When You Create an Account


When you create a user account using the Site or other Services (your “Account”), we collect personally identifying information, which may include your name, email address, other online account credentials (for example, your Facebook login information), primary language, and location in your house or apartment where the Device will be used. Creating an Account allows you to use all available functions of the Service; however, you do not have to create an Account to use the Device with limited functionality.


After You Have Created An Account


After you have created your Account and used the Services for a period of time, we may ask you to answer additional survey-style questions to help improve and customize your experience and help us deliver more comprehensive indoor air quality information to you. For example, we may ask how many people live in the location where you use the Device or how large the location is, among other things. When you answer these questions, we collect this Data and store it with your other Account information.


When You Connect the Device to Your Account


Once you have created your Account, you can link your Device to your Account. When the Device is connected to your Account, environmental data collected through the sensors in your Device is transferred to our servers. These sensors collect data such as readings of volatile organic compounds (“VOC”), particulate matter (“PM”), temperature, and humidity. They can also detect when the Device is moved. Through data analytics, we then use this environmental Data to draw certain conclusions about the Device’s environment. For example, by analyzing Data collected by the Device, we may determine that the Device was placed near an open window or that cleaning products were recently used in the space where the Device is located. These are assumptions made based on an analysis of the Data collected and are not guaranteed to be an accurate representation of what actually occurred in the space where the Device is located. The Device may also transmit certain log data to your Account and to the Services, such as the time Data is transmitted and the IP address from which it is transmitted.


When Your Device Encounters a Problem


While our goal is to ensure that your Device is operating properly at all times, we understand that at times the Device may encounter an issue transmitting information, connecting to the Services, or collecting environmental Data. To continually improve your experience, when the Device encounters a problem, a report may automatically be sent to us so that we can help troubleshoot any problem you may encounter. This report may contain information about your Device model, serial number, software version, and other technical information.


When You Contact Customer Service


Our customer service team is always here to help. When you contact customer service, we may collect personally identifying information (name, email address, IP address, Device information, Account information), product information (Device model, serial number, software version) and any other information you may provide.


When You Access the Site


When you access the Site, we may use cookies and other technologies to improve the Site and your experience.




We collect, process, and store your Data through our third-party service providers, which currently include Amazon, Google Analytics, Stripe, and PayPal. We use industry-standard technical and administrative security methods to keep your Data secure while it is transmitted from your home network to our cloud servers or the cloud servers of our third-party service providers. The Data is also subject to the security measures employed by our third-party service providers.


Data may be collected, processed, and stored in the United States and other countries where our servers reside. Therefore, the Data may be subject to legal requirements in those jurisdictions including, but not limited to, requirements to disclose personally identifiable information to government authorities.




We use the Data that we collect to provide you with the best experience possible, to develop new products and services, and to improve our existing products and services. We use the Data to provide predictive analytics to detect and analyze patterns and changes in indoor air pollution that can help you make changes to improve your indoor air quality. We aggregate the Data to better understand the causes of indoor air pollution and ways that we can guide users to better indoor air quality. The Data also helps us make technological improvements to the Device and the Services.




We collect Identifying Data to provide the Services. This Identifying Data will never be shared for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to providing you with the Services without first obtaining your permission. This information includes your name, address, social media usernames, and other information that could reasonably be linked back to you. In the following limited situations, we may share Identifying Data:


Third-Party Service Providers


We use third-party service providers, such as credit card processors and data analytics providers, to provide some of the Services. These service providers are restricted from sharing your Identifying Data for any other purpose.


Legal Requirements


In some instances, we may be required to disclose Identifying Data to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process. In other instances, we may determine that disclosing your personally identifying information is necessary to prevent fraud, maintain the security of the Services, protect our legal rights, enforce the Terms of Service, or prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to an individual.




Our employees will have access to Identifying Data solely for use in connection with providing the Services to you.


Business Transitions


Your Identifying Data may be sold or transferred as part of the sale, merger, sale of assets, or reorganization of Airboxlab to the extent permitted by law. If this happens, we will request that our purchaser or successor treat all acquired Data as subject to the Privacy Policy in place at the time of its acquisition.




We may share Identifying Data with third parties in instances where you give your explicit consent. This includes instances where you opt in to receive information from third parties, such as newsletters and updates.




We may share or sell aggregated or anonymized Data (the “Aggregated Data”) publicly and with third parties without your consent. The Aggregated Data is wholly owned by us and can be used without your further consent or offering compensation to you. For example, we may publish reports about indoor air quality and how it is impacted by one’s habits in the home. We may also share this information with other users, so that they can compare their Data with that of other users. When we share this information, we take industry-standard measures to ensure that the data does not identify you or your household.




Identifying Data


We store Identifying Data as long as you maintain an Account with us. If you choose to delete your Account, your Identifying Data will be removed from our databases. Because of the way certain Services are maintained, information contained in backup copies may persist for a short period of time before it is removed. You can delete your Account by contacting


Aggregated Data


We retain Aggregated Data indefinitely for purposes of data analysis. Because Aggregated Data cannot be directly linked to any specific user, it continues to exist even after you close your Account.