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What HVAC leaders say

Our customers highly trust the quality of our products and technology but it was difficult for them to see the immediate cleaning effect as well as automatically adjust to changed conditions. Thanks to embedded sensors from Airboxlab, our connected Blueair purifiers are providing a whole new user experience with on demand purification and data visualization. Airboxlab’s technology is helping Blueair create the next generation of smart and real-time clean air appliances.”

Johan Skåntorp — CTO, Blueair

What HVAC products can be upgraded?

Truth is, nearly all products have something to gain from sensing + connectivity capabilities. 

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    Ventilation units
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    Filtration devices
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    Air ducts
  • check
    Air conditioners
  • check
    Air purifiers
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    Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers
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    ERV / HRV / MVHR

The Value of Connecting your products

For your end users

  • Create an “always on” experience, that continues on users smartphones and computers.

  • Expand the value with interactions between your products and other smart products like Nest, Alexa, Google Home and many more

  • Automate everything. Your product is continuously adjusting to users needs.

For product managers

  • Gain insights about how your products are used around the world.

  • Use data analysis to prove the effectiveness of your products.

  • Monitor your production lines with connected test jigs.

  • Support management. A glance at your dashboard, and you know the usage history of any of your product out there.

Augment the value of your hardware

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    Demand Contro​l Filtration / Purification
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    Real time status readings
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    Customer support: Detect and troubleshoot issues remotely
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    In-app purchases
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    Over The Air upgrades
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    Scheduling device operation
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    Remote control
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    Increase customer engagement with a personalized user experience
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    Access to new business models

Why Foobot

You’ll find other companies specialized in IoT. But will you find one that also understands HVAC systems?

Unlike other IoT companies, we help augment your hardware by adding sensors and connectivity.

air quality sensor

We build the software you need, be it an app, a web dashboard or an Alexa voice enabling feature.

iaq web dashboard

Working with Foobot shifts your focus from the ‘plumbing’ of getting products connected, to making better products that drive new added value services.

Talk to an IoT specialist who speaks HVAC

And tell us about your products

Foobot pioneers innovative air monitoring products, services and technologies that lead to improved air quality indoors.

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