Provide the best office air to your awesome occupants

Poor indoor air conditions were common before Covid. Now, they’re not acceptable anymore. 

That’s your chance of showing that your brand provide the best service, that you care for occupants, and are committed to increase safety, health, comfort.

And, energy efficiency.

Top teams can only flourish
in an awesome environment

Let’s face it: air quality in the office sucks.
We all know this from meetings that last hours. Poor indoor air conditions not only cause inconvenience, but also affect companies bottom lines, as much as 11%*

Discover Foobot Smart Air Building

Your BMS add-on for better HVAC control


Foobot Smart Air Building

Better air quality
Reduced carbon footprint

Foobot SAB creates a feedback loop between real-time conditions in the office and how HVAC is operated.

SAB also adds a layer of intelligence to the HVAC control logic to get the best out of your existing systems in place.

Your talent will thrive.

The newest Foobot Technology transforms traditional HVAC ventilation systems into AI-powered systems, thus creating the best conditions for occupants.

And the planet.

Good for health.

Good for the bottom line.

  • Up to 50% HVAC Energy Savings
  • Up to 10% productivity gains
  • Thermal comfort achieved 99% of the time
  • Low CO2 and VOC levels more than 99% of the time
  • Up to 50% HVAC Energy Savings
  • Up to 10% productivity gains
  • Thermal comfort achieved 99% of the time
  • Low CO2 levels more than 99% of the time
  • Ultra-low VOC levels more than 99% of the time

Good for health. Good for energy efficiency

52% energy saved on HVAC in a Danish ultra green building

Foobot SAB used air quality sensors and deep reinforcement learning to save 52% energy on heating, cooling and ventilation.

HVAC savings
Time spent in good air
Comfort compliancy

Indoor air pollutants were kept much below the Danish air quality thresholds throughout the setup, and complaints about thermal discomfort dropped.

office with foobot sab installed to save energy and improve indoor air quality

Too good to be true? Let us show you

Improved indoor air quality.

Large energy savings.

Short payback time.

Quick setup.

Who’s SAB for?

  • Property and facility management companies
  • Building owners
  • Architecture and sustainability firms
  • BMS system integrators

Any building with a BMS qualifies.

Want to try

this technology for a dime?

Join our pilot program

You get the technology.

We get a great case study.

We’re currently partnering with property and facility management companies, landlords, architecture firms, system integrators, and companies involved in healthy buildings and sustainability, to work together on the future of healthy buildings. Interested?

Let’s chat to see if your building qualifies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 886446