The Ultimate Guide To Better Air Quality

If you’re looking to learn the necessary knowledge to get a grip on your air quality, look no further.

Here’s a comprehensive collection of 45 articles that will help you to understand what the different types of pollutants are and how to measure the concentrations in your home/office, so that you can take care of your health and that of people around you, too.

Hopefully, this collection will help you to surround yourself with better air.

Air Pollution and Particle Size

Find out why how particulate pollution can have different adverse effects depending on the size of airborne particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)

An Air Quality Monitor for your Environmental Protection?

How can you fight pollution  if you don’t know how much pollution you are dealing with? You need to track pollutants to increase your Air quality.

Finding the best air quality monitoring mobile app

There are many different apps for everything, the worst and the best. Find out the most helpful mobile app to track air pollution and breathe better air.

Do Volatile Organic Compounds Smell?

If you think your nose is a good alarm system in regards to air quality, think again. Formaldehyde stinks but carbon monoxide can kill you and you won’t smell anything.

VOC exposure is a known health hazard. Here's why people can't always trust their senses to tell them they're at risk.

The Environmental Impact of Particle Pollution

Human health and the environment often work the same. Particle pollution kills people but it also affects our planet’s health. Find out how in this article.

How Can You Reduce Particle Pollution?

Now you know that particulates matter is one of the most dangerous pollution type. How to get rid of it? How to choose an air purifier?

How to get rid of volatile organic compounds

toxic chemicals can create memory impairment

Are you thinking about an air purifier to get less toxins in your home? Not all are the same. A filter doesn’t help for this type of pollution and you will need activated carbon. Open windows, increase Ventilation, Install an Air Purifier with activated carbon, Choose a Good Dry Cleaner...Check all our tips to remove nasty gas from your home

How to Improve Air Quality in Your House and Reduce Health Problems

Just as important as your food, hygiene, and other healthy choices is the choice to improve your indoor air quality. Numerous health problems are linked to air quality. Being able to detect pollution sources and track pollutants in the home is the first step. Second step is to get rid of pollution sources either by removing the …..

How to monitor air pollution at home

If you don’t know how to get started to breathe better air, tracking the evolution of pollutants at home is a good place to start.

List of All Volatile Organic Compounds

There are dozens of VOCs if you follow the strict definition of it. Find out the list of the most common of these gas, often considered pollutant emissions.

List of Common Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC, does it ring a bell? Find out the most common pollutants in your household products and every day life stuff. Organic products often provide an alternative, but not always...

The Long Term Effects of VOCs (Benzene, Formaldehyde...)

Carbon monoxide is famous because it can kill someone in a few minutes. But VOlatile Organic Compounds have adverse health effects over years.

Plants That Remove Volatile Organic Compounds

Among the different solutions to improve indoor air quality, some plants have the abiltiy to absorb noxious gas and give back oxygen in return

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Polluted Air

VOCs emission and concentration in the home

Once you have identified the Volatile Organic compound concentrations in your home, your best bet is to use an activated carbon technology to get rid of it.

A Smartphone App...or an Air Quality Monitor?

A modern air quality monitor would be connected and have a mobile app… But what about a smart phone with built-in sensors?

Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) in Paint

Almost everyone knows that fresh paints release toxic gases. But how much and what gas exactly? Find out here.

What Are The VOCs in our Carpet?

Some pollution sources in your home are sometimes not very intuitive. Our carpeted walls and floors use glues featuring noxious gases at times.

400 Volatile Organic Compounds in Cigarette Smoke

Yes it’s bad to smoke. Mainly because of the particle pollution obstructing the lungs. But there are also many other poisonous gases, hundreds of them.

VOCs in Office Buildings

Office buildings are usually very occupied during the day, and feature crowded meeting rooms where the air quality decreases very quickly...

What Are Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds?

Some air pollutants have a greater or lesser tendency to evaporate, and the EPA classified them into three categories. SVOC is one of them.

What Are the Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

air purifier with activated carbon

Detergent, Nail polish, cosmetics, dying hair products, your kitchen trash, wooden furniture, carpeted floor, painted walls… All are sources of VOC

What Are the Volatile Organic Compounds at Home

There are three types of air pollution: Physical pollution made of solid particles, bacteria and virus… And gases, e.g. chemical pollution.

Why IAQ Is Important

If the  tap water was brown and dirty, would you drink it? The same applies to the air you breathe. If you knew the air was polluted and dirty would you continue breathing it?

World Health Organization Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality

One of the first steps to ensure good air quality in buildings is to know what institutions like WHO have set as thresholds for air pollutants.

The Outgassing of Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions

Many products use VOC during the manufacturing process. The problem arises when these substances are emitted back in homes years after it was built.

The Natural Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

Not all pollution sources of air pollution are man-made. Mother Nature also release millions of tons of pollutants. The sources are volcanoes, green plants…

How to Measure Chemicals In the Air

Air pollutants or volatile chemicals are made of tiny molecules. What are the technologies of sensors today for us to measure air pollution?

The Difference Between Ozone and Particle Pollution for Asthma

Ozone and Particle Pollution effects for Asthma

Particle pollution is made up of solid or liquid particles whereas Ozone is a gas formed by complex reactions. Both have adverse health effects, but not the same.

Chemical Out-gassing from Building Materials

Building materials use plenty of glues and solvents. These chemicals can be released in the form of gas during months or years after the manufacturing.

Most Dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds

Which gases are the most noxious for the human health? International and American organizations have listed the gas to monitor and avoid.

The difference between hydrocarbons and VOCs

Which atmospheric environment factors should you be monitoring? Learn more about the distinctions. The difference is subtle but exists. VOC can be Hydrocarbons, but hydrocarbons are not necessarily VOCs. The definition of VOC is, gases with a low boiling point.

Are all organic compounds volatile?

The short answer is no. Compound have a different tendency to evaporate at room temperature which gets them classified into three categories by the US EPA.

Threshold Limit Values of Volatile Organic Compounds

At what Levels are we breathing good air or poor air? That’s what the thresholds created by the WHO and the US EPA are made for.

IAQ Standards and Guidelines (EPA and ASHRAE Standard)

What is recommended by US organizations to breathe good air inside homes and buildings? Find out the threshold values and guidelines here.

The Different Technologies of Sensors To Test for Chemicals Concentrations

testing for voc emissions

To measure tiny molecules of chemicals, air sensors have tremendously involved in the past decade. Get a sense of how these different technologies work in this article.

How does volatile organic compounds concentration affect the environment

We always think about pollution as something affecting human health, but it also affects the planet. Acid rains created by VOC and PM make waters and soils unsuitable to life.

The Connection of Volatile Organic Compounds to Sick Building Syndrome

Are you familiar with the new car smell, or the new buildings smell? Although this may seem like a positive idea, these odors often hide something less desirable.

How to Pick a Professional Air Quality Monitor

So you want to equip your building with a reliable air monitor. Check here what are the parameters you need to check before making a decision for your building.

What's the Best Air Quality Monitor for Mold?

Black mold develop in humid environments (> 65%). It releases volatile organic compounds when alive, and particles when dead.

What are the Main Sources of Nitrogen Oxides and VOC?

Car fumes, repellents, air fresheners, aerosol sprays, paint, pesticides, dry cleaned clothing, all of these are  sources of these pollutants.

Picking the Best Home Air Quality Monitor...

How do Foobot indoor air quality monitors stack up against the competition? What pollutants do you need to track at home? You need to track the noxious gas (VOCs), and particle pollution that comes from the outside (and cooking).

The US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) List of VOCs

tetrachloride VOC

To help households be more aware of chemical pollutants, the US agency created a list of noxious gases found outside and inside.

The Unit of Measure of Volatile Organic Compounds

Parts per billion, microgram per cubic meters...These units are used to provide an idea of the quality of the air you’re breathing, but what does it mean?

Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

A good air monitor needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi to provide continuous measurements. It’s also needs precise sensors, for the right air pollutants.