Known Triggers of Asthma Attacks in Your Office Air: The Big List

The term “asthma trigger” is used to describe anything that causes asthma symptoms in patients. We tend to associate asthma flare-ups with substances like tobacco smoke, but they can also be triggered by physiological or emotional factors. Indoor air quality (IAQ) initiatives are especially beneficial for asthma patients, since many triggers are kept under control […]

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Energy Management in Buildings: An Historical And Costly Mistake We Are All Guilty Of

Most people think of building management systems merely as a means to improve the energy and resource efficiency of buildings and offices. However, research reported in two recent news articles has raised an enticing possibility: Intentional building management may also be a means to increase the productivity of workers. The New York Times article “Is Conference […]

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Severe mold infestation in an office

How Building Management Companies Can Control Mold

Building management companies face a different set of challenges than homeowners when it comes to mold control. The first and most important is the scale of operations: keeping mold under control across many residential and commercial buildings requires dedicated staff members and an action plan that ensures all buildings are kept in check, even if there’s just […]

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What to Do When Your Office Air Quality is Bad?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an ongoing process: the natural tendency of interior spaces is to gather pollutants, not to get rid of them. Poor office air quality can lead to discomfort and a series of health issues, as well as a decrease in productivity, so you should not overlook the topic. If you want to […]

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Invisible Air Pollutants In The Office: An In-Depth Guide

Quick Navigation Particulate MatterMold & Other FungiVolatile Organic CompoundsTrichloroethylene (C2HCl3)Formaldehyde (CH2O)Benzene (C6H6)Xylene (C8H10)Pet DanderDust MitesPollenOzone (O3)Ammonia (NH3)Carbon Monoxide (CO)RadonLeadArsenicAsbestosMake The Invisible, Visible One of the key elements of indoor air quality (IAQ) is keeping pollutant levels under control. There are many substances that degrade air quality, each generated from different sources and producing a distinct […]

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Nurse Foobot: How Low-Cost Sensors are Empowering Doctors and Could Help Building Managers

More than 26.5 million people are diagnosed with asthma in the US, and more than 6 million of those affected are children. The most susceptible of those children are those who live in low-income neighborhoods. The direct correlation between income and treatment received isn’t a difficult one to connect; poor families live in poor neighborhoods […]

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How To Save On Costly Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning can be a tricky maintenance activity. When performed correctly, it has the potential to improve HVAC performance and indoor air quality. On the other hand, a poor cleaning procedure may worsen existing problems. In general, you should only clean your air ducts if there are valid reasons, and not as part of […]

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10 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution You Didn’t Think Of

We often have the wrong perception that most air pollution leaks into our meeting rooms and offices from outdoors. The truth is, outdoor air is usually cleaner than indoor air, and most air pollution is generated inside – this is true even in urban areas. Of course, there are situations where outdoor air becomes more polluted. […]

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The Differences in Air Quality Regulations Around The World And The Need For A Global Standard

What are the airborne pollutants tracked by governments? What are the threshold limit values, why do they vary? This article shows how much we need for a global air quality standard…

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shows a health thief

To Catch a (Health) Thief

A healthy home is in balance. It’s comfortable, healthy, and easy to control. Part of what make it healthy are that moisture levels aren’t too high or too low, dust particles are being filtered out, chemical and pollutant levels are under control, and the air just feels fresh. In other words, indoor air quality (IAQ) is continuously managed all year.

If any of this is missing there is a Health Thief in the house. If you or your family are having health problems that are IAQ related, this health thief is a thief we need to catch. To catch a health thief, we need to understand how he works. To stop him we need to figure out how he’s getting in and what he’s taking.

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furniture off gassing

Off Gassing: What it is And Why it matters

Furniture, clothing and many other products used in households are exposed to noxious chemicals during their manufacturing process. These chemicals can be absorbed by various types of surfaces, especially porous materials, and many are classified as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These substances are notorious for causing irritation and allergic reactions in humans, and have […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Air Purifiers Technologies

 Air purifiers improve the quality of the air you breathe, as implied by their name. Although their common goal is to eliminate harmful substances from the air, there are many viable methods to accomplish this, including mechanical filtering, ionization, and chemical methods.Mechanical filtering is the simplest method, since its consists on trapping airborne particles without […]

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Study Finds Foobot s precision for Measuring Particulates

University of Iowa Study Finds Foobot’s Precision is “Excellent” for Measuring Particulates

Foobot is one of several indoor air quality monitors to reach store shelves in recent years. But in the science and HVAC worlds, devices have been measuring air quality for decades. Being professional-grade, these older devices are incredibly accurate and reliable… but expensive. Decent ones start around $5,000 while many others cost multiples of that. Home […]

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Green Walls: How to Profit from Plants in the Office

Have you ever heard that adding plants at work can boost productivity by 15%? Green plants have indeed a remarkable ability to remove noxious substances from indoor air while replenishing oxygen, and there is experimental evidence from NASA that proves this. A green wall is basically a wall made from plants, which includes space for soil […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Indoor air quality (IAQ) often takes a back seat to energy efficiency, but it is equally important if you want your space heating, air conditioning and ventilation to perform at their best. Improving IAQ makes your home more comfortable, and breathing less air pollutants saves you plenty of medical expenses in the long run. The […]

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Why Foobot is an alternative to expensive monitors for researchers

The Foobot indoor air quality monitor was built as a friendly part of the family. The white box checks the air constantly to check for pollutants in one’s home, keeps track of the levels over time, and alerts a building’s occupants when they’re in danger. It lights up blue when it’s happy and orange when […]

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summer heats affect pollution spikes

Why Summer Heats Foster Pollution Spikes?

For once, we’ll discuss outdoor air quality – we spend most of our time indoors, but outdoor air quality is also important for many reasons. Building ventilation systems draw air from outdoors to replenish indoor air, and we are of course exposed while commuting or taking a walk. This is not a breaking news, outdoor […]

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bad mold good mold remediation

5 Tips To Remediate Mold in Your Home

Mold is a type of fungus and one of the most common sources of indoor air pollution. Mold is not harmful in the Roquefort cheese above, it’s not harmful either when found outdoors in nature, as it even helps break down dead organisms and decaying matter. However, when mold grows indoors it becomes a problem:Negative health effects: […]

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plant on desk - office productivity

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Plants

There are many ways in which technology can be deployed to enhance indoor air quality (IAQ), including ventilation system upgrades, humidity controls, air filtering, or recently smart home automation. So, why improve air quality with… just plants? As NASA found out in their space stations, the use of indoor plants offers some exclusive benefits that […]

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De Mystifying The Invisible Enemy In Every Building

De Mystifying The Invisible Enemy In Every Building Understanding what indoor pollutants are and the specifics of indoor environmentsDownload the Whitepaper PDF ​What’s in the whitepaper?In this 16 pages guide, you’ll learn: What’s the difference between good and poor air What the different types of indoor pollutants areThe different technologies for air sensorsThe close relationship between […]

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man breathing air in front of a wall

The 4 worst enemies to breathing good air? Your walls.

The breath you just took is full of history. Two millennia ago, Julius Caesar drew his final breath before dying at the hands of his assassins. Odds are that at least one of the molecules in that breath is in your lungs right now. It makes no difference if you’re in Rome, Japan, Argentina or […]

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How Foobot helped to treat my wife's asthma attacks thru monitoring air quality

How Trifacta’s European head of R&D Lars Grammel Used Foobot to Treat his Wife’s Asthma Attacks

“It was the best day of my life,” Sigrid laughed. “I finally knew the cause of my breathing problems.”She spoke of the day she was diagnosed with asthma.Before that day, when she would get an attack, she didn’t know how bad it would get because she didn’t know what was going on. Now she knew […]

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Asthmatic Child because of indoor air quality

5 ways to help kids prevent asthma

Childhood asthma has been a big issue in the US for the past decade. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 6 million children have asthma, and it’s the third cause of hospitalization. Where does asthma come from? Your home is surrounded by tiny micro threats, but do you see them? They are many […]

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The growing need for data in managing IAQ

The Growing Need of Data in Managing Indoor Air Quality               Your starting point to become an indoor air quality expert            What’s in the whitepaper?In this 16 pages guide, you’ll learn: The basics about indoor pollution The different sorts of pollutants and their sourcesThe current […]

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Smart Ventilation #2: Automate Good Air With A Bee

This fancy title refers to a very smart bee indeed… to ecobee, a leading player in the connected thermostat world. We have been following this very serious company and their products for a while. If you need more backup, there was quite of a buzz around them a few weeks ago after ecobee announced Amazon […]

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foobot air quality and ifttt

Set up Home Automation in 2 taps with IFTTT in-app

Today, the well-known automation web service IFTTT disclosed a big new feature: the ability to create IFTTT recipes on the fly from within a 3rd party smartphone app.Foobot has the privilege to be one of the 14 apps running IFTTT in-app for its launch.At first, it’s not necessarily obvious why this is going to improve […]

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What if Amazon Echo could tell if your home is healthy?

Amazon Echo is probably the hottest connected device around, and for the past few months, a quickly growing ecosystem is building around it. Now Foobot provides Alexa with air quality monitoring ability.

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Smart Ventilation is The Next Big “Smart Home” Thing

Up to now, ventilation was quite boring: a regular flux of air, and a boost mode. Whenever your kitchen was full of smoke, you would have the boost mode activated. End of the story. With the new Nest+Foobot feature, your ventilation system is going to be slightly exciting.

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Indoor air pollution in a house: Sources and Tips

Find out about the different indoor air pollution sources, which can come from the furniture, cleaning products, hygiene products, kitchen appliances, among others.

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Temperature and Humidity are important for a safe breathing air

What impact have Temperature & Humidity on the indoor air pollution spread?Here’s a simple infographic to explain you all.

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air quality fine particles

All about Particulate Matter (PM)

Check our new infographic and get the answers to the questions: What is this? What are its sources? What are PM’s types and sizes? What are the symptoms related to PM exposure?

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volatile organic compounds in air quality

All about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

What are Volatile Organic Compounds (aka VOCs)? What are its sources? What type of VOCs we can find? What are the symptoms related to VOCs exposure? How to filter it?

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outdoor pollution vs indoor pollution

Air Pollution statement, by Foobot

Everybody knows that outdoor air is highly polluted all over the world. But what about indoor air?Check out this infographic based on World Health Organization’s studies.  Have safe breathing days!#Foobot #Goodairguru

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