Join the Foobot team!

Join the Foobot team!

What skills are you currently hiring for?

What skills are you currently hiring for?

Backend Developer Intern


Embedded Software Developer


Data Science & Backend Intern


Mobile Developer iOS/Android


We were first to bring to market an affordable and connected air quality monitor. It was a great challenge and a tremendous rewarding one, we have now the largest up and running base of connected air quality sensors in the world.

We are also embedding our technology in a growing number of products to leverage our impact; helping a greater number of people around the globe to understand air pollution and get means to fight it.

As a start-up we tackle the air pollution problem with data, sensors and machine learning. We are a growing team of less than 20 committed individuals of 8 different nationalities and already on 3 Continents. If you want to make a difference, consider taking part of this exciting journey

Internet of things is the most complete product experience you can think of; ranging from device manufacturing, to app design and big data backend technologies.

If you value design and rigorous work apply now!
Our offices are located in France.

We offer some of the best packages that a startup can provide in a nice working environment.

You will be among brilliant minds, and we are only seeking the best to join us. Though our definition for the most interesting individuals differs from old established companies.

We welcome self-taught individuals, and no matter how little experience you have we require that you have achieved something with your life. Please never refrain from sharing that with us! Even if it is not linked to your professional career or totally out of regular’s boundaries of corporate world.

Now, if you don’t fit with in any of our job offer but liked our recruitment manifesto and would love to work for us, definitely shoot us an email!

Check our tech blog to know what we do:

Check our github to know how we do it:


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Do you have any part-time positions available?

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