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Better Air, Be​tter Life

The legacy starts now.

We were the first to bring to market an affordable and connected air quality monitor. It was a great challenge and a tremendously rewarding one, we now have the largest up and running base of connected air quality sensors in the world.

We are also embedding our technology to a growing number of products to leverage our impact; helping a greater number of people around the globe in understanding air pollution and getting the means to fight it.

As a start-up, we tackle the air pollution problem with data, sensors and machine learning.

We are a growing team of about 20 committed individuals of varying nationalities.

We are already active in 3 continents. 

If you want to make a difference, Join us in this exciting journey.

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Why can’t I upload my CV?

We believe in getting things done attitude we’ll email you a short challenge and after you’ll solve it, one of our ambassadors will contact you how to continue the process.

How long does the average vetting/ interview process last?

It varies depending on our immediate needs and how quickly you respond to our questions and requests.

It can take up to 3 weeks.

More importantly though, after a decade of interviewing, we’ve learned how important it is to respect people’s time. We will only ever ask for more of your time if we think you are a potentially good fit, rather than waste your time going through unnecessary hoops.

My availability is complicated, should I wait until I’m completely free before applying?

We’re most interested in candidates who could begin work no later than two months out, but we can start the vetting process ahead of time as well.

Do you have any junior level positions or apprenticeships?

Currently no, but we’d certainly love to someday.

Do you have any part-time positions available?

All Airboxlab positions are full-time.


Foobot pioneers innovative air monitoring products, services and technologies that lead to improved air quality indoors.

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