Data Science & Backend Intern


Only apply if your internship is part of your curriculum and if you are able to relocate to France for the length of the internship. We provide free accommodation for interns.


  • Strong academic background in Math, statistics, or in another scientific field
    implying manipulating large datasets: Physics, Chemistry, or else.
  • Familiar with at least one programming language: Python, Scala, Java, R, or else.
  • You want to perfect your skills in an environment practicing latest innovation in
    software coming from Silicon Valley.
  • Strong analytical capacities, rigorous and organized. Comfortable writing,
    speaking and reporting in English.
  • Product oriented, flexible and ready to understand the reality behind a dataset.
  • Experience with sensors and/or Internet of Things would be an asset.


  • You will be part of our data science team as an intern.
  • You will create automation and code to manipulate and visualize data.
  • Under the supervision of our data scientist, you will apply and optimize Machine Learning algorithms for production with direct product implication.
  • You will be involved in product decisions


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