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10 Tips for increasing HVAC service agreement sales

Seasonal spikes can be lowered thanks to HVAC maintenance service agreements. Here are 10 ways to incr…

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“Is there a doctor for the house?” Duct work, not doctors, curing chronic respiratory diseases

When you’re sick, what kind of professional do you call to take care of you? Most people would say a doctor, and they’re right. But often, a doctor’s not the only person who can make a difference.Jonathan Waterworth, for example, has no medical background whatsoever. But for many people with serious respiratory problems, Jonathan has helped […]

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UK ventilation specialist helps a family live better using smart automation

“If the water in your tap was discolored, would you drink it? Okay, what if you could see that your air was dirty?”Few people in the UK know or care about indoor air quality. But one forward-thinking British HVAC pro found that you don’t need a health issue to be in vogue to get clients […]

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How a 117-year-old home became the future of sustainable housing

It’s not practical to build new sustainable homes for every household in the United States. But smart handiwork combined with technology available today can make net-zero energy houses out of the oldest, roughest houses we’ve got standing. Picture the “house of the future:” A sustainable, zero-emissions home that keeps its family comfortable and the air […]

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NYC Contractors Combine Foobot With Google Nest and Achieve Massive Pollution Reduction

    An HVAC contractor or anyone else who works with a building’s air flow can easily add indoor air quality to their services. But what’s in it for them? How many houses really have serious IAQ issues? Furthermore, how many potential clients care enough about them to pay to get them fixed?

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How to Spot Signs that the HVAC System Harms Indoor Air Quality

When an HVAC system is properly designed and subject to an adequate maintenance program, it improves indoor air quality and provides comfort for occupants. However, HVAC systems can also harm air quality if poorly designed or when maintenance is lacking. There are several ways in which an HVAC system can degrade indoor air quality: Spreading […]

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Detective Foobot: Catching Airborne Crooks in the Nooks and Crannies of your Home

Two seconds into my Skype call with Nate Adams, and he paused to stare at the rafters behind me. “Rough-hewn ceiling joints, two inches instead of one and a half, that wood color… I’d say built between 1890 and 1910.” Through pixelated video thousands of miles away, he saw my walls clearer than I did.

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