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create hvac connected products cost

How Much Does it Cost to Create Connected HVAC Products for Offices?

HVAC product design has become a game of balance, trying to create harmony between how many features to implement against how much it will cost! To start, you must have a clear plan. This is to ensure you keep control of costs from the very beginning of the process of creating a connected HVAC product. Start […]

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Getting started with IoT for your products

American writer Stewart Brand once said: “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” The Internet of Things (IoT) most definitely falls into that category. The IoT is taking everyday household objects and connecting them to the internet allowing them to create and share data. In […]

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How long does it take to create an IoT product?

There’s a ubiquitous phrase that you’ve probably heard before:“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” While the first utterance of this phrase is lost to history, it’s easy to know why the sentiment has stood the test of time. It can be applied to almost any venture, and that includes creating an IoT product. Creating an IoT […]

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How to Choose the Right IoT Platform for Your HVAC Product

The IoT space has exploded in recent years. So much so that it is difficult to say just how many IoT platforms are out there–and the number is only set to keep on growing. According to IoT Analytics, the IoT platform market is expected to surpass $22 billion by 2023. But, with so many platforms to choose from, […]

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How IoT can turn your HVAC product into a recurring revenue machine

Over the past few years, the internet of things has been quietly growing behind the scenes and now it is likely that the majority of people in the world own at least one product that is connected to the internet. From SmartPhones, to SmartWatches, to SmartLocks, it seems like everything is ‘smart’ these days–and it’s […]

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4 Barriers to Building an IoT Solution – and How to Overcome Them!

IoT (internet of things) devices are everywhere…and the number just keeps rising. By 2020, there are expected to be 50 million IoT devices in the world, worth an incredible $19 trillion! However, despite this tremendous growth, in the present day, only 0.06% of all devices that could potentially leverage IoT are actually doing so (leaving 99.94% […]

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smart factory iot technology

5 Ways IoT Technology is Revolutionising Production Lines

When IoT technology comes up in conversation, it is often being discussed for consumer use. So many news articles and documentaries talk about how it can make things better and easier for customers, but IoT is also revolutionising industries, like manufacturing! More and more factories are implementing IoT to revolutionise their production lines and become more […]

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iot and hvac products

How IOT Works for HVAC Products

Smart buildings; smart cities; smart motorways. Ever get the feeling that everything is becoming ‘smarter?’ The world’s newfound ‘smartness’ is generally attributable to what’s often called the ‘Internet of Things’ – or IoT for short. To explain it in the most basic terms, the IoT is about the ‘things’ or products we use, being able […]

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marketing ideas for HVAC

5 Easy to implement HVAC Marketing Ideas

Getting customers’ attention is simply not as easy as it used to be, gone are the days of just relying on word of mouth. The heating and air industry is very competitive, so it’s important to stand out. With just one residential customer having the potential to be worth over $10,000 (and commercial customers even more) it’s […]

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HVAC tips for IAQ

5 HVAC Tips to Improve IAQ

Air pollution is the 4th highest risk factor for death globally, and by far the leading environmental risk factor for disease. One of the best ways to limit this risk for your customers and their loved ones is to take measures to improve IAQ in their homes. IAQ stands for indoor air quality, and you may […]

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how technology can help hvac contractors

Building Your HVAC Business: How Technology Can Help You Grow

Technology is changing the world. I bet if you look around you, you can see at least one smart device (not including the one you’re reading this on!) Smart devices can help to automate processes, give you more insight, and just make your life easier as a whole. So, implementing technology into your HVAC business […]

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The Changing Role of HVAC Contractors

In the age of the smart consumer, HVAC isn’t just about creating comfortable homes. It’s about creating comfortable, *healthy* homes! Increasingly, more than just technicians, HVAC contractors are becoming like doctors for the home, tapping into home performance technology to improve health, optimise comfort and save energy for their customers.

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10 Tips for increasing HVAC service agreement sales

Seasonal spikes can be lowered thanks to HVAC maintenance service agreements. Here are 10 ways to incr…

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grow your hvac busines with air quality

How to use IAQ to grow your HVAC business

The HVAC contracting world is very competitive and the ability to differentiate your offer is key to succeed. This ebook shows you how you can leverage indoor air quality as a service but also as a business driver for your company.

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“Is there a doctor for the house?” Duct work, not doctors, curing chronic respiratory diseases

When you’re sick, what kind of professional do you call to take care of you? Most people would say a doctor, and they’re right. But often, a doctor’s not the only person who can make a difference.Jonathan Waterworth, for example, has no medical background whatsoever. But for many people with serious respiratory problems, Jonathan has helped […]

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dirty tap water

UK ventilation specialist helps a family live better using smart automation

“If the water in your tap was discolored, would you drink it? Okay, what if you could see that your air was dirty?”Few people in the UK know or care about indoor air quality. But one forward-thinking British HVAC pro found that you don’t need a health issue to be in vogue to get clients […]

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How a 117-year-old home became the future of sustainable housing

It’s not practical to build new sustainable homes for every household in the United States. But smart handiwork combined with technology available today can make net-zero energy houses out of the oldest, roughest houses we’ve got standing. Picture the “house of the future:” A sustainable, zero-emissions home that keeps its family comfortable and the air clean […]

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DonHam HVAC contractors team in front of Nest Van

NYC Contractors Combine Foobot With Google Nest and Achieve Massive Pollution Reduction

  An HVAC contractor or anyone else who works with a building’s air flow can easily add indoor air quality to their services. But what’s in it for them? How many houses really have serious IAQ issues? Furthermore, how many potential clients care enough about them to pay to get them fixed?

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How to Spot Signs that the HVAC System Harms Indoor Air Quality

When an HVAC system is properly designed and subject to an adequate maintenance program, it improves indoor air quality and provides comfort for occupants. However, HVAC systems can also harm air quality if poorly designed or when maintenance is lacking.There are several ways in which an HVAC system can degrade indoor air quality: Spreading dust, […]

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HVAC Contractor Working at the office looking at air quality reports from Foobot

Detective Foobot: Catching Airborne Crooks in the Nooks and Crannies of your Home

Two seconds into my Skype call with Nate Adams, and he paused to stare at the rafters behind me. “Rough-hewn ceiling joints, two inches instead of one and a half, that wood color… I’d say built between 1890 and 1910.” Through pixelated video thousands of miles away, he saw my walls clearer than I did.

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