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Foobot provides air monitoring products, services and technologies that allow the measurement of indoor pollution, leading to improved air quality in homes, places of work, and indoor public spaces.

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Your home is UP to 5X more polluted than outdoors.
EPA (environmental Protection Agency)
More and more people have asthma: 25 million people, or 8% of the U.S. population.
AAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
Air pollution is the 4th highest risk factor for death globally and by far the leading environmental risk factor for disease.
University of British Columbia

We live close to a busy river and a lot of boats with polluting substances (chemicals as cargo and stench from the fuel of the boats themselves) pass through our home every day. If the wind is unfavorable, the foobot picks it up immediately and we can see that we better keep the windows closed.

BERT KLEIN – User in the Netherlands

Energy Smart Ohio

Foobot has been tremendously helpful at helping us understand how comfortable and healthy client homes are before and after.

NATE ADAMS – Home performance expert

I am very prone to getting sinus infections and I thought ‘hey, why not’? Our home is recently built and therefore air quality as it turns out on newly constructed homes is quite bad for the first few years as paint, new carpet, etc, leach into the air. I am also very big into home automation (SmartThings platform) and I’ve automated my Foobot to kick on the central air fan to cycle air throughout the house through the main filter when air quality is bad. This has taken me from bad air quality about 75% of the time to excellent air quality 90+% of the time.

Matt Freestone

Foobot is an essential part of my home. I can take care of pollutants that I was not aware of before, boosting my home’s air quality.

GEORGI CHOKOV – User in Bulgaria

Helps you understand how IAQ is changed by your actions

As an indoor air quality professional, I find the Foobot to be a fantastic starting point for homeowners wishing to understand the air they breath. The Foobot may not always be as accurate as sensors that cost 5 times more….however, it will allow you to see what actions cause unhealthy conditions.

My Foobot always turns Orange (sensing bad air) during extended periods of cooking, cleaning, or guest occupancy. Opening my windows near the Foobot keeps it registering healthy more often. Its ability to alert me to unhealthy actions is very useful. Everyone should have something that alerts them to unhealthy activities!

Lucas Langhals

Love it! Excellent product with a great price point. Accurate, sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Monitoring features and real time feedback helpful in identifying patterns that help improve air quality

Bernadine Nash-McClam – Ph.D., M.Div.

Love the work @myfoobot @jacktouillon are doing for #innovation in respiratory health consumer awareness and healthy living.

SARAH THOMAS – User in the US

Ventilation specialist

Would you drink discolored water? What if you could see that your air was dirty? Foobot empowers you with knowledge you didn’t have before.

NATHAN WOOD – Director at Farmwood

I purchased this product after seeing it demonstrated in a Tiny Home because we live on top of a major bridge in midtown NYC. Being able to monitor my indoor air quality and take steps to improve it is well worth the purchase price.

Mark Wolf – User in NYC


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Foobot pioneers innovative air monitoring products, services and technologies that lead to improved air quality indoors.

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