Backend Developer Intern


Only apply if your internship is part of your curriculum and if you are able to relocate to France for the length of the internship. We provide free accommodation for interns.


  • You have previously worked on backend development project coding in Java and/or Scala. 
  • You like to think about data as flux and to architecture applications processing large dataset, producing scalable and efficient code. 
  • Knowledge and experience of message brokers in high availability context is an asset. 
  • You want to challenge your skills and keep learning and evaluating new backend technologies.


  • Identify and document the approach, break down complex tasks and resolve them through individual contribution or existing software packages.
  • Code software for our distributed backend platform; follow up and analyze the performances of the packages you develop.
  • Take part of architecture, development, testing and release of our cloud service which collects, processes and streams data from our devices and partners’ devices. 
  • Work closely with our embedded developers to code interactions with our unique IOT product.


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