Embedded Software Developer


Only apply if you are legally allowed to work in the European Union. We provide free
accommodation during trial period.


  • You have previously worked on an embedded development project involving
  • You like to code in constrained environment and value beauty of efficient structure
    over quick and dirty memory hungry solutions.
  • You want to perfect your skills in an environment practicing latest innovation in
    software development coming from Silicon Valley.
  • Knowledge of FreeRTOS or Linux in embedded context is an asset.
  • Knowledge of electronic manufacturing and testing procedures is an asset.


  • Identify and document the approach, break down complex tasks and resolve
    them through individual contribution or existing software packages.
  • Code software for hardware tests, prototyping and performance analysis in the
    relevant stages of an unreleased product.
  • Code and maintain software for our main firmware platform.
  • Work closely with our backend team to code interactions with our unique cloud
    based platform and its associated mobile apps.
  • You will be under our lead firmware developer supervision; working in a small
    team where you can really make the difference


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