What if Foobot could bring you more jobs?

Solving indoor air quality problems is THE entry point to build trust and long-term relationships with your customers

Closing sales just got easier

People trust what they see. Show homeowners Foobot’s real time air quality and monthly reports. Let prospects know precisely what to expect, that is good air in their homes. You’re driven by results, and you can prove it.

Show homeowners the difference

Illustrate you’re kind of a big deal when it comes to helping customers breathe good air. Use the IAQ Dashboard to produce powerful before/after, real-life examples. Unlike energy savings, there’s no need to wait for a year to see improvement. Good air knocks at your clients’ door as soon as the work is done.



Call back your clients when they need you

Remotely from your office, observe how air quality changes for all your clients


The IAQ Dashboard

Designed to provide contractors more jobs

Foobot’s IAQ dashboard was designed with contractors in mind and is your most powerful tool for improving indoor environment.

Build relationships

Dashboard reports show the patterns of the different pollutants over time, and provide advice and recommendations that you can share with your customers each month in just one click.

Get expert help

Whether you’re an IAQ veteran or you want to add this skill to your arsenal, you’re covered by an in-house IAQ expert here at Foobot, available by email or phone.

Stay close to clients

Remotely from your office, monitor changes in air quality for all your clients: Know what’s best for them whether it’s new ventilation, filtration, dehumidification, insulation…

rob minnicks hvac contractor

Rob Minnicks

CEO Minnicks


Foobot is a perfect tool to raise our clients awareness regarding the indoor air quality. Their dashboard is powerful enough to let us provide the best solution to our clients.

Foobot works with 120+ devices

Sell and install devices that work smoothly with Foobot. And the list is growing fast.

Why your clients will love it?

  • Peace of Mind
  • Knowing your environment
  • Standard & quality of healthy living
  • Doing what’s best for you and your family
  • Simple and user friendly

Tech Specifications


Monitor w/ LED colors
Mobile & tablet App
IAQ Dashboard
PDF reports


30 day return policy
1 year warranty
Super fast email support
US phone support


Fine particles (PM2.5)
Total VOC


Learn how a contractor used 3 Foobots

to fix air quality in a centennial house!

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IAQ dashboard

Built to help HVACs get more business.

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IAQ Dashboard

Designed to provide contractors more jobs

Our tool let you analyze IAQ remotely, but not only. The IAQ Dashboard helps you choose the right product/service for your clients, be it a dehumidifier, a filtration or a ventilation system. And people can see that your choice is backed up by solid evidence, which inspires trust.